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Come take a ride with us on the new Figueroa!

by BikeSafeUSC  |  
October 05, 2018

You are cordially invited to join BikeSafeUSC, Metro, Department of City Planning, LADOT, and other community members for a free group bike ride along the MyFigueroa Corridor!

On October 20th, 2018, we'll meet at McCarthy Way Metro Bike Share Station to discuss how best to use the innovative features found along the MyFigueroa corridor. No bike? No problem! We'll have Metro Bike Share staff on-hand to get you ready to ride, with a free rental and helmet, if needed. BikeSafeUSC Cycling Instructors to help make sure people of any skill level can learn to ride safely and comfortably.

We'll also have some giveaways including a MyFigueroa Commemorative Tap Card, free bike lights, and more.

After the ride, we'll stop for a snack at a local cafe/restaurant to discuss the benefits and potential of the new bikeway on Figueroa. This will be a good opportunity to learn about bike safety and complete street projects in Los Angeles, like the MyFigueroa project. These types of projects connect communities and offer a more user-friendly experience for people who want to walk, bike, take transit, or drive. Learn how to easily and safely get from USC to Downtown LA any way you wish, while enjoying your surroundings and company.

Ready to join us? RSVP today!

Thanks to all MyFigueroa Supporters and Collaborators!

by LADOT  |  
September 12, 2018

We are reminiscing about all the hard work and collaboration that went into bringing MyFig to fruition. We want to take a moment for a thorough THANK YOU to all of the partners, supporters, and collaborators who have made this project possible.

The Big Idea: CRA/LA and AEG

The Community Redevelopment Agency Los Angeles (CRA/LA) worked with AEG and Deborah Murphy Urban Design + Planning to apply for Proposition 1C funding from the State of California Infill Infrastructure Grant Program, for a visionary redesign of the Figueroa Corridor. This competitive grant was awarded because of their bold proposal to transform Figueroa from a car-centric thoroughfare to a multi-modal corridor serving new housing and event centers.

The Designers: Troller Mayer Associates, Melendrez (now Relm), Gehl Architects

Glendale-based Troller Mayer Associates (Rick Mayer, Greg Maher, John Massoud) led the design team for MyFigueroa, working with the LA urban planning and design firm Melendrez—now called Relm (Melani Smith, Scott Baker, Rebecca Finn). Gehl Architects (Oliver Schultze) also brought their international complete streets expertise from their home of Copenhagen. KPFF (Brian Powers) provided civil engineering to support the complete streets goals of the design team, IBI Group (Bill Delo) worked on traffic modeling and signal/striping design, Selbert Perkins (Robin Perkins) brought their expertise in branding and environmental graphics to the project.

Elected Support: Council and Mayor Offices

When MyFigueroa's planning began, most of the project area was in Council Districts 8 and 9, Bernard Parks and Jan Perry's districts at the time. Both of their offices were early champions of MyFigueroa, before any other complete streets projects were planned anywhere in Los Angeles.

With Council District lines redrawn, a larger part of MyFigueroa now lies in Council District 14, represented by Jose Huizar. Councilmember Huizar has been a supporter of MyFigueroa since its inception, and MyFig is integrated into CD14's DTLA Forward initiative, which seeks to make streets safer and more accessible for people walking, biking, living, and working in Downtown LA. Similarly, the support for the project in Council District 9 continued when Curren D. Price Jr. was elected. His office has continued to support MyFigueroa as an opportunity for a more vibrant Figueroa Street in The New 9th.

The Mayor's office has also been instrumental over the course of MyFigueroa's planning and construction. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa oversaw bike infrastructure expansion across LA, and Mayor Eric Garcetti has continued support for MyFigueroa, as a way to improve safety for people biking and walking in Los Angeles.

Community Support

AEG: AEG, owner of Staples Center and LA Live, had a holistic vision for a more dense and vibrant Figueroa Street. They brought CRA/LA on board as the grant applicant and provided funding for Deborah Murphy Urban Design + Planning to prepare the winning grant application.

BIDs: The business improvement districts in the project area—South Park BID, Figueroa Corridor BID, and Downtown Center BID—have been instrumental in garnering support from local businesses during the planning and outreach process, as well as coordinating with stakeholders throughout construction. And they will also be the stewards of MyFigueroa into the future, maintaining the landscaping and other streetscape improvements in the project area.

Housing Developers: The funding for MyFigueroa was awarded by the State of California, as a way to connect residents of the new affordable and market rate housing along the corridor. While MyFig was being built, so were many housing developments, including the YWCA Jobs Corps Center and South Group's Evo Building, among others. The non-profit Figueroa Corridor Land Trust (now TRUST South LA) also had a special role as both an advocate for affordable housing and bike safety in the area.

Major Businesses and Destinations: Many of the other large venues along MyFigueroa have also been supporters along the way, including the Los Angeles Convention Center, Exposition Park and the museums there, as well as USC. Property owners Shammas Group, as well as AAA, have embraced MyFigueroa as an important part of LA's mobility future. The Central City Association (CCA) advocated for MyFig as a tool to improve the vibrancy of the corridor. The owners of Fig&7th (Brookfield) and The BLOC (Ratkovich Company) also have supported the project and its potential to bring economic development—more foot traffic and shoppers—to the area.

Bike and Pedestrian Advocates: The local advocacy organizations Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and Los Angeles Walks worked hard to spread the word to their followers about MyFigueroa community meetings, where LACBC also provided bike valet. Los Angeles Walks led a walk along the future MyFigueroa during the CicLAvia open streets event on Figueroa.

Figueroa Corridor Residents and Workers: Above all, the people who use Figueroa everyday—walking dogs and children, commuting, shopping, running businesses, and living their lives—have been the biggest supporters of MyFig and the most patient during construction impacts. And the neighborhood councils representing residents in these areas (DLANC and NANDC). We cannot thank the community enough!

Marketing and Education: Metro and LADCP

The LA Department of City Planning received funding from Metro ExpressLanes for an outreach campaign called Let's Fig It Out! to inform residents and commuters on the corridor that MyFigueora was coming and to try biking, walking, and transit in the area. This campaign also included a series of trainings and safety education for bicyclists at USC, and was developed by the consultants Alta Planning + Design, Place and Page, Kendall Planning + Design. As part of this campaign, the local transportation non-profit FAST worked with Metro on a custom MyFigueroa TAP card, distributed at the MyFigueroa ribbon cutting.

Construction: LADOT

LADOT took over the implementation of MyFigueroa when the CRA/LA was dissolved. They worked to engineer the final shovel-ready project design and coordinated with contractors All American Asphalt. They were supported by the Department of Water and Power and the Department of Public Works bureaus through utility relocation, construction inspection, and other key coordination. The Bureau of Street Services also enhanced the project through coordinated street resurfacing and repairs. Many LADOT transportation engineers kept their noses to the ground, finding solutions to all kinds of questions that arose throughout the construction process.

There have been so many people and organizations who contributed to MyFigueroa along the way, many more than mentioned here. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as we continue to call out all of the amazing supporters who made MyFigueroa happen!

MyFigueroa FAQ

by LADOT  |  
August 27, 2018

In advance of the MyFig ribbon cutting celebration on August 30th, most elements of the project including the bike lanes have been operational and open to the public for about two months. During this period, LADOT has had an opportunity to hear initial feedback and concerns, and make some adjustments— and will continue to make adjustments as we evaluate the project.

Based on community comments, LADOT has made these adjustments to MyFigueroa:

  • Added bollards in areas where the bike lanes are generally unprotected and do not operate with bicycle signals, and for more physical separation and to discourage vehicles from stopping in the bike lane to load or unload or to park illegally
  • Allowed for better signal progression and reduced travel time for bicyclists by adjusting signal timing and instituting rest-in-red for the bicycle and right turn signal indicators
  • Extended the MyFig project north to facilitate a continuous protected northbound bike lane from 11th Street to Wilshire Boulevard (bike lane previously became unprotected at 8th Street and terminated at 7th Street) to allow for a more robust connection to bike lanes on 7th Street and the bike lane on Figueroa Street which continues to Cesar E. Chavez Avenue/Sunset Boulevard

The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the MyFig project design and operation:

Q: Why do the bike signals only turn green when a bicycle is approaching or at the intersections, or often not until a bicyclist has had to wait at a red light?

  • A: The current signal timing (following recent adjustments) is “first-come-first-serve", which also allows for “late green" activations. This means that a bicyclist arriving after the Figueroa signal for vehicles has already turned green can still trigger a bike signal green under certain conditions. The ultimate goal is to provide the minimum impact to travel time for bicyclists, while balancing other movements on the roadway. In general, protected bike lanes with bicycle signals offer the maximum protection and separation from vehicle traffic—but also mean a narrower window for bicycles to proceed on green, since bicyclists cannot proceed when vehicles are turning right. The benefits of improved safety and comfort with protected bike lanes should be considered and weighed against the reduction in travel time.

Q: Why do the bike signals change so quickly to yellow and then red while riders may still be in the middle of the intersection?

  • A: The signal timing is designed in such a way that there is ample green, yellow and all-red time following the bike signal turning red, that accommodates clearance of bicyclists from the intersection before any cross traffic starts moving.

Q: Why aren't the bollards along Figueroa permanent? They are plastic instead of concrete.

  • A: Concrete bollards present a “fixed object hazard" danger for people traveling on the street. Linear concrete curb separation is very costly; it would have exceeded the project's budget.

Q: Why are there pedestrian push buttons along Figueroa which features areas with high pedestrian activity? Shouldn't the Walk indications automatically be displayed with each green light?

  • A: The use of pedestrian push buttons allows for the “late green" bike signal activation previously described. If pedestrians are not present and the buttons are not pressed, a “late green" activation of the bike signal can take place when a bicyclist arrives, so they do not have to wait for the next signal cycle. This feature works together with the flashing yellow right arrow for right turning vehicles, and would not be possible without the use of push buttons. Without push buttons, the Walk indication would always come on along with the flashing yellow right turn arrow, and during this period, the “late green" for bikes would not be possible.

    At 7th Street and Figueroa Street, the pedestrian push buttons do not need to be pressed to receive a Walk indication; they are there for ADA accessibility (so that someone who is visually impaired can be notified through vibration and an audio message about when the Walk indication is on, and when the red hand is flashing or steady).

Q: What did LADOT do to engage the community?

  • A: Several well-attended community meetings took place when the project was first being developed. Since then, LADOT has been in regular communication with BIDs and council district offices throughout completion of design and construction, and there has been a public portal of project updates through email blasts, a marketing campaign, and website to maintain open communication. LADOT is working to continue community engagement on the project to maintain an open dialog of feedback and responsiveness, even after the ribbon cutting.

Q: Why are there segments of Figueroa with regular, unprotected bike lanes?

  • A: These segments of Figueroa are narrower and would have required additional removal of traffic lanes. In an effort to keep the project consistent with stakeholder desires while preserving the bus-only lane, the bike lanes in some areas are not protected. However in those same areas, parking was removed to allow a more generous bike lane width and buffers and some bollards were added where feasible.

Q: Why are there no painted buffers along the bike lanes for the segment from King to Exposition?

  • A: Due to limited width, wider bike lanes were designed in lieu of narrower bike lanes with buffers in order to provide more usable space for bicyclists out of the gutter areas, and because buffers would have been very narrow, offering negligible separation from traffic lanes and therefore limited benefit.

Q: What is the department doing about taxi drop-offs and rideshare loading areas?

  • A: LADOT is working with special event planners to identify and establish areas for passenger pick-up and drop-off along the Figueroa Corridor.

Q: Why has the project taken so long?

  • A: The initial concept-building and outreach of the project was lengthy due to the magnitude of the changes it would bring to the corridor. The design that followed involved very complex traffic signal, geometric, and civil design that was tedious and time consuming. Construction was just as complex, also involving challenging work to move and accommodate utilities. That work needed to be coordinated with other development-led construction in the project area

Q: How much did this project cost?

  • A: $21.5 million funded the streetscape improvements to Figueroa, 11th Street, and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. This was out of a total $30 million Proposition 1C grant which also funded other related improvements in the area, including some non-transportation improvements.

Q: What makes this project so important?

  • A: MyFig showcases how a street can function and feel when it provides a better balance of amenities for all users including people on foot, on bike, using transit, and driving. It connects several affordable housing projects and other residential hubs with bus and rail stations and hubs serving the Silver, Expo, Blue, Red, and Purple Lines, and connects these with numerous regional activity centers along the Figueroa Corridor like the Exposition Park Museums, the University of Southern California, the Sports and Entertainment District, and the Financial District in Downtown Los Angeles.

Join us for a celebration of MyFigueroa

by LADOT  |  
August 21, 2018

Please join us for a ribbon cutting of MyFigueroa on August 30!

Over the past few months, we've been hard at work adding the finishing touches to the Figueroa Corridor Streetscape Project. Now we invite you to join Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Jose Huizar, Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr., LADOT, the Department of City Planning, and Metro, as well as Figueroa area residents and business owners for a community celebration of MyFigueroa on August 30.

There will be a morning walking tour highlighting MyFigueroa improvements in Council District 14, followed by a press event and celebration outside of USC's Galen Center. From there we will take Metro Bike Share bikes up Figueroa to explore the new streetscape features of MyFig.

The public is welcomed to join for any of the day's events:


9:45 a.m. Walking Tour:

Starting at the YWCA Jobs Corps Center at 1020 South Olive Street (at 11th Street) MyFigueroa designers Deborah Murphy and Melani Smith will lead a one hour walking tour with LADOT staff support, exploring 11th and Figueroa Streets with these highlights:

  • YWCA Jobs Corps Center, a job training and 200-unit affordable housing project that was the cornerstone of the State of California $30M Prop 1C Infill Infrastructure Grant that funded MyFigueroa.
  • Pedestrian, cyclist, transit, and greening improvements—key features of MyFigueroa that support new housing along the corridor.
  • The linear park-like improvements along 11th Street, providing broad pedestrian walkways, seating, pedestrian lighting, generous landscaping, and bike lanes.
  • Figueroa Street bus stop islands, street trees, pedestrian and street lighting support the new buffered and protected bike lanes that connect people between home, work, and play in downtown and South Los Angeles.

The approximately one-hour, 1.25 mile Walking Tour will start promptly at 10 a.m. and will end at Washington Boulevard where a complimentary DASH bus will take participants to the press event at the Galen Center. Participants are advised to wear a hat, sunblock, and comfortable walking shoes.

11:30 a.m. Press Event:
Join Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Jose Huizar, Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr., LADOT, Metro, the Department of City Planning, and the California Department of Housing and Community Development outside of USC's Galen Center for the ribbon cutting of MyFigueroa. The event will include speeches from the sponsoring agencies and elected officials with media present.

12:45 p.m. Bike Ride (leaving at the end of Press Event):
All are encouraged to join a group bike ride from the Galen Center, taking Metro Bike Share bikes north on the MyFigueroa protected bike lanes, seeing the features of the project along the way. Participants will have four options for the distance of the ride:

  1. Galen Center to LA Trade Tech College- One-way trip (1 mile)
  2. Galen Center to LA Trade Tech College- Round trip (2 miles)
  3. Galen Center to Fig & Pico- One way trip (2 miles)
  4. Galen Center to Fig & Pico- Round trip (4 miles)

Participants are advised to bring their own safety gear, sunblock, and comfortable shoes. Personal bicycles are welcome as well.

PLEASE RSVP HERE to join the walking tour or a bike ride

If you're unable to make the events on August 30, you can follow along using the hashtag #MyFigueroa on social media!

As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and, upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services and activities.

Connect to LA with MyFig

by LADOT  |  
July 17, 2018

MyFigueroa is an important piece of infrastructure that is connecting many existing and planned transit options, bike facilities, and iconic destinations. As construction nears completion, we're highlighting the connections that MyFigueroa will provide within the urban fabric of Los Angeles.

MyFig is the first of several protected bike lanes in the works in downtown, including parking protected lanes on Spring St and Main St ( Main and Spring Forward). On its northern end, MyFig also connects with the bike lanes running east/west on 7th St.

MyFigueroa is right in the confluence of Metro's expanding rail system. Running alongside the Metro Expo Line (which now connects downtown LA to Santa Monica), MyFig passes several Expo Line stations, including 7th Street Metro Center, where it also connects to the Blue Line to Long Beach, the Red and Purple Line subway lines, and the future Regional Connector (which will connect MyFig to Pasadena and East LA as well).

The Figueroa corridor is also home to a variety of bus services, and the new MyFig bus platforms will make riding the bus on Figueroa much more efficient, since buses will no longer have to pull in and out of traffic.

The Metro Silver Line runs through downtown LA on Figueroa, before taking commuters on the Metro ExpressLanes along the 110 freeway to San Pedro or along the I-10 freeway to El Monte.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation's DASH line F also runs along Figueroa, with stops every couple blocks, providing an important connection between downtown and the University of Southern California.

From Exposition Park to Grand Hope Park at 9th Street, Figueroa connects a number of open spaces, including the park at Hope Street Family Center and Soboroff Sports Fields, which were funded as part of MyFigueroa's Prop 1C funding. The corridor is home to several outdoor shopping areas as well (such as 7th at Fig and The Bloc). And most significantly, MyFigueroa has brought wider sidewalks and landscaping to 11th Street in South Park, turning the street into a five-block linear green space.

MyFigueroa passes some of the most iconic LA destinations. Basketball fans and concert goers will now be able to bike or bus on MyFig to get to Staples Center or LA Live. USC students will now have an easy and safer route to bike from campus to restaurants in downtown or museums in Expo Park. And LA Convention Center visitors will also be able to use MyFigueroa to see more of what Los Angeles has to offer, throughout downtown and beyond.

On top of all of that, Metro Bike Share is expanding south along Figueroa, providing more options for people traveling on Fig. Now you can ride transit to work or school in the morning and hop on a bike share bike on the way home, connecting with the existing network of bike share stations throughout downtown LA.

All of these layers make MyFigueroa a vibrant corridor where people work, live, ride, shop, play, and run into friends on their way. The complexities of combining buses, light rail, bikeways, and event centers like stadiums and museums make it a place unlike any other in Los Angeles. LADOT has been working to balance the efficiency for all of MyFig's uses, while keeping in mind that it's not a major thoroughfare for those just passing through, but home to many destinations and a destination in itself.

Safety on MyFigueroa

by LADOT  |  
June 29, 2018

Parking Signs   2018 06 12 My Figueroa C Ds

As the Los Angeles Department of Transportation begins rolling out the MyFigueroa Streetscape Project (MyFig) construction improvements for safety, all corridor users should note to adhere to the modified street design, particularly regarding red curbs and bike lanes.

To make sure all Angelenos are safe as the new street design installations take place, LADOT has been working with CD 9 Councilmember Curren Price, CD 14 Councilmember José Huizar, businesses, and stakeholders to distribute information along the corridor on how to use the street improvements.

Safety improvement updates for roadway, bicycle, transit and sidewalk users include:

  • Park: Park cars in marked parking stalls to the left of buffer zones and bicycle lanes. Adhere to parking signs and colors along the curbs.
  • Load: When adjacent to a protected bicycle lane, use buffer zones to get to parked cars. Look for passing bicycles when opening car doors.
  • Bike: Ride in the new bicycle lanes. Watch for crossing pedestrians.
  • Transit: Safely cross the bike lane to the bus shelter for public transportation.
  • Sidewalk: Look for oncoming bicycles when crossing new bicycle lanes.

Figueroa Street improvements are active and open from Exposition Boulevard to 8th Street though safety measures are still being made. LADOT is planning to install additional bollards by the bicycle lanes around the Los Angeles Convention Center. The department is also working with special event planners to identify and establish areas for passenger pick-up and drop-off.

MyFigueroa was funded in 2010 by a Proposition 1C grant under the custodianship of the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles (CRA/LA). The project is fully supported by Councilmember Price, Councilmember Huizar, and Mayor Eric Garcetti as a signature project for Los Angeles. Besides advancing the City's Mobility Plan, MyFigueroa also helps achieve the goals of Vision Zero and Huizar's DTLA Forward.

A community grand opening is being planned for later this year, and we will post info about that as soon as it's known. Thank you for helping to Fig out safety on MyFigueroa!

MyFigueroa By the Numbers

by LADOT  |  
June 28, 2018

As construction on MyFigueroa is nearing its final stages, we wanted to highlight some of the numbers of improvements that MyFig has brought to the street. From bus stop shelters to new street lights, these are just some of the new elements you'll see.

If you've been on Figueroa recently, you may have noticed that the bike lane striping is now complete, and the new traffic signals are now functioning between Exposition Blvd and 8th St. Here's a useful diagram showing how to use the reconfigured street. Please help spread the word to keep people from idling or parking vehicles in the new bike lane. Let's all Fig out how to use MyFigueroa together!

How to use MyFigueroa

by LADOT  |  
June 25, 2018

You may have noticed the new lane striping going in along Figueroa. There is no parking or idling allowed on the curb, since this is now the bike lane. Here's a useful diagram showing how to use the new street!

Revisiting the History of MyFigueroa: Prop 1C Funding and New Housing

by LADOT  |  
June 19, 2018

With MyFigueroa nearing completion, we are revisiting the project's history and how the first planned and complete street in the city of Los Angeles came to be. With this post today, we are taking a look at the history of MyFigueroa's funding.

That history starts in 2008, with the Community Redevelopment Agency Los Angeles (CRA/LA) and a $30 million Proposition 1C grant from the State of California Infill Infrastructure Grant Program through the State Housing and Community Development Department (HCD). Proposition 1C (the Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006) funds infrastructure for new development in urban areas, with the goal of making streets, sidewalks, and transit more accessible for residents of affordable housing.

MyFigueroa is about more than safety and biking between South LA and downtown; it is also about encouraging the development of new housing along the Figueroa corridor and in the entire project area (including 11th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard)—as well as providing new (and safe) transportation options to connect new residents and visitors to transit, parks, and other parts of downtown.

When the project funding was granted, there were at least 12 planned housing developments within the project area, with over 2,200 planned units (338 of those slated to be affordable). Now most of those developments are complete, and the stretch of Figueroa through South Park and towards Exposition Park has already been transformed into a denser, more vibrant area. Parking lots have given way to new businesses and new homes—including the YWCA Los Angeles Jobs Corps Center (Olive and 11th Streets), which provides 200 new units of affordable housing, as well as career technical training for young people.

The same Prop. 1C grant also funded new parks along the corridor, an area historically without enough open space. These include Soboroff Field at Exposition Park and Hope Street Family Center at Venice Boulevard, operated by California Hospital Medical Center.

The transformation of MyFigueroa will provide downtown residents with expanded access to numerous local businesses, places of employment, and public transit hubs within the downtown area.

At a time when Los Angeles is struggling with a housing shortage, making the connection with how new infrastructure can facilitate new housing and denser neighborhoods can help us to develop more housing options. We are looking forward to walking, biking, rolling, and strolling on Figueroa and 11th Streets with all of the new neighbors who have come to Figueroa and the South Park neighborhood along the way!

MyFig Construction Rolls On!

by LADOT  |  
May 04, 2018

It's Spring and MyFig construction rolls on! April was a flurry of activity, and work in May continues to progress toward our grand opening. From storm water management, sidewalk construction, medians, and plantings—our team is working hard to finish this large project. Here are some of the accomplishments and next steps on work along 11th Street and Figueroa.

Work on 11th St has migrated to the south side, with a new catch basin and storm drain system now complete. A surveying crew is currently working between Broadway and Figueroa preparing for the construction of new sidewalks with pedestrian safety improvements, including curb extensions and intersection bump-outs. Demolition of the existing sidewalks and construction of these improvements will happen over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, on Figueroa, bus platform construction continues, with work on the northbound bus platforms nearly finished. The five northbound bus platforms between Exposition Blvd and 23rd St are already complete, and the remaining five between 11th St and 8th St will be finished shortly. The four southbound bus platforms (between Adams and Exposition Blvd) are currently awaiting railing and bus shelter installation over the upcoming weeks. New curb and gutters for two new medians were installed between Exposition and Jefferson, with median landscaping soon to follow.

Along the sidewalks of Figueroa, new landscaping and trees are currently being planted, and street resurfacing between Exposition Blvd and 30th St has already taken place. Bureau of Street Services will be resurfacing the remaining segments of the MyFig portion of Figueroa incrementally throughout the remainder of the project.

Following the resurfacing, new technologically advanced traffic signal controllers are being installed at each intersection by LADOT. These are the most advanced signal timing and phasing controllers in the city to date. They are the first of their kind to be installed anywhere in Los Angeles. Three intersections received the new signal controllers last week, with the other intersections soon to follow.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay tuned for additional updates as we get closer to the opening of MyFigueroa!

New traffic control and lane configurations starting March 17

by LADOT  |  
March 16, 2018

MyFigueroa is springing forward! On Figueroa, a new traffic lane configuration is going into effect this weekend (March 17-18) — between Exposition Blvd and 22nd St. This will allow for two northbound and two southbound lanes, while the median islands on this stretch are under construction.

New traffic control will also go into effect on 11th St this weekend (March 17), as construction shifts to the south side of the street. The finishing touches of landscaping seat walls and final concrete repairs are taking place on the north side of 11th St, and on the south side, curb and sidewalk work, installation of stormwater catch basins, and traffic signal improvements will be starting soon.

Work continues on the Figueroa St bus platforms as well, with bus shelters currently being installed on the on the east side of the street and new railings for the bus platforms on the west side coming soon.

Project completion is in sight at the end of Spring. The final street resurfacing and striping on the southern stretch of Figueroa is currently scheduled for mid-April, which will be followed by plantings and the final touches throughout Spring.

New Landscaping on 11th Street and More!

by LADOT  |  
February 21, 2018

MyFigueroa construction wraps up on the north side of 11th Street this month. The newly installed landscaping looks great and complements the completed new sidewalks and pedestrian ramps, making the street more beautiful, safer, and accessible for everyone. Soon, construction will shift to the south side of 11th St, as we continue toward project completion in late spring.

On Figueroa St, construction is about to begin on the final four bus platforms on the west side of the street, between Adams Blvd and Exposition Blvd. On the east side of Figueroa, look out for bus shelters, which will be installed soon. The construction teams are also planting trees all along MyFig in the next few weeks, making way for a more walkable and vibrant Figueroa!

Project completion is anticipated at the end of Spring 2018. Stay tuned for our announcement of a ribbon cutting ceremony coming at the end of spring—we hope you'll join us!

Happy 2018! We'll see you on MyFigueroa this Spring

by LADOT  |  
January 03, 2018

top: Future bus platform in its early stage. bottom: New street light lamp post, wider sidewalk and an ADA-compliant curb ramp on 11th St

2018 is here, and this spring MyFigueroa will be complete and open to the public!

Construction continues to move full speed ahead, with lots of underground utility work taking place. Now that the installation of LADWP water meters for landscaping is complete, the four bus platforms on the northern stretch of Figueroa St (between Olympic and 8th streets) are being built. Concrete is currently being poured for the curb and gutters of these bus platforms, with guardrails and foundations to follow. The foundations for the other five southern bus platforms will also be poured in the next few weeks.

Progress is also being made on the north side of 11th St, with new, wider sidewalks and ADA-compliant curb ramps now installed for several blocks. The majority of the northern sidewalk will be complete this month, and then the north side of 11th St will be landscaped as construction shifts to the south side of the street.

The MyFigueroa project recently topped the list of 'LA Moments to look forward to in 2018' on Curbed Los Angeles, and we are proud to say that crews will continue their work along Figueroa and 11th streets, as we move toward project completion by Spring 2018. We look forward to a ribbon-cutting with the entire community in the coming months!

MyFigueroa Construction Moving Forward

by LADOT  |  
October 19, 2017

Fall is here, and MyFigueroa construction is pressing forward. The MyFig bus platforms near USC continue to take shape, with the ongoing installation of guardrails and bus shelters. You also may have noticed a few new objects installed along Figueroa: there are now small concrete foundations which will serve as bases for wayfinding signs as well as new traffic signal poles at intersections, which will include bike signals.

Work on the northern portion of MyFigueroa (between 11th St and 8th St) will begin once the schedule for that segment's construction is updated and finalized. Once an updated work schedule is in place, work in that area will be compressed to reduce impacts to businesses and traffic.

Progress also continues to be made along 11th St. Our contractor has encountered unexpected issues with underground utilities in this area, which has caused work to proceed more slowly than expected. Current efforts are focused on replacing the sidewalk on the north side of 11th St as soon as possible. You will also see the installation of street lighting poles and traffic signals in this area soon.

These unexpected utility conflicts have set the MyFigueroa construction schedule back slightly, but completion is not too far off. The new estimated opening date now is Spring, 2018. Stay tuned for a new detailed construction schedule, as well as additional updates. And check Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more info too!

MyFig Construction Rolling Ahead: 11th through 8th Streets Up Next

by LADOT  |  
July 19, 2017

If you've been in the USC area, you have likely seen the progress installing the five bus platforms on Figueroa between Jefferson and Exposition. These are nearly complete, with a few finishing touches and transit shelters expected to be added in August.

Now work moves northward on Figueroa, into Downtown. Beginning the weekend of July 29, Figueroa will be reduced to three northbound lanes between 11th and 8th Streets. This traffic pattern will remain in place for the next 60-90 days, while crews pour concrete for four more bus platforms on these blocks. On one or two weekends during this period, the northbound lanes will be further reduced to two lanes—but for as limited a time as possible.

You can also be on the lookout for new traffic signal poles going in along Figueroa in the next few weeks! These poles will include new bike signal heads for the protected bike lanes along MyFig, similar to the ones found on Los Angeles Street.

Thanks again for your patience while we work to make Figueroa better, safer, and more enjoyable for everyone using the street. During MyFig construction, Fig out a different way to go! Try biking, transit, or an alternate route. See for more info.

Please continue to share these updates with your friends and neighbors on Figueroa. And check

Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram for further updates too!

​Figueroa and Exposition Bus Platform Installation

by LADOT  |  
May 25, 2017

The installation of MyFig bus platforms near USC is underway! As contractors work to install the bus pad at Figueroa and Exposition, north-bound Figueroa will be temporarily limited to one lane of traffic in early June.

From approximately 9:00am on Friday June 2 until 6:00am on Monday June 5, north-bound traffic on Figueroa will be reduced to a single lane at Exposition Blvd.

LADOT is doing everything in its power to minimize the impact of this work, and workers will be using a quicker drying concrete to reduce the time of this closure.

Other ongoing MyFigueroa work:

  • On the east side of Figueroa contractors continue work on the five bus platforms between Exposition Blvd. and 23rd St, including the completion of four of the five sidewalk ramps this past week.

  • Contractors have also been prepping the five locations of the bus platforms this week, and on Friday and Saturday they will be pouring the framing of the platforms. We will soon start to see what Figueroa will look like with MyFig complete!

  • Next weekend, contractors install the new bus pad at Exposition mentioned above, and the other four bus pads will follow – but these will not involve additional lane closures.

  • In the meantime, contractors have set up the temporary traffic signal poles to allow removal of the old ones. Contractors will begin installing new permanent signal poles over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned as MyFigueroa construction moves along, and check out our twitter, facebook, and instagram for further updates!

​Bus platform installation on Fig: now through the end of April

by LADOT  |  
April 21, 2017

Myfig Map Notification Usc 2

MyFigueroa construction is progressing! Bus platform installation on Fig is happening this weekend and through the following week. Construction crews will install five new, specially designed bus platforms on Figueroa, between Exposition Blvd. and 23rd St.

As mentioned before, this work will require some parking restrictions and limits to turning movements along Figueroa, in order to maintain two lanes of moving traffic at all times. While work is expected to only take place during the day, these changes will remain in place overnight and for the next several weeks.

Stay tuned for further updates!

MyFigueroa construction is rolling forward: Median Removal Begins Near USC

by LADOT  |  
March 31, 2017

Construction along Figueroa will begin next week, April 3-7, with the removal of two median islands near USC's McCarthy Way (between Jefferson and Exposition). While the center lanes will be closed for safety, nearby parking will be restricted in order to maintain two lanes of moving traffic. Work will only take place during the workday (9:00am – 4:00pm), but some of the changes are expected to remain in place overnight through Friday afternoon.

The following week of April 10, construction crews will begin to install five new bus platforms on Figueroa, between Exposition Blvd. and 23rd St. This work will also require some parking restrictions and limits to turning movements along Figueroa, in order to maintain two lanes of moving traffic at all times. While work is expected to only take place during the day, these changes will remain in place overnight and for the next several weeks.

As this project progresses, you can avoid traffic by trying a different way to go. We can help you 'Fig It Out' — try biking, transit, or an alternate route—see our Getting Around page for all sorts of tips!

If you missed it, we have also posted the full MyFig construction schedule at The schedule is subject to change, but you can expect to be see a completed MyFigueroa by September, 2017!

MyFig Improvements Underway on 11th and coming soon to Figueroa

by LADOT  |  
March 09, 2017

MyFig Improvements are Underway on 11th Street

If you live or work in the MyFigueroa area, you've likely noticed that construction is well underway on 11th Street. 11th Street is closed to one lane from Los Angeles Street to Figueroa to allow for construction in the roadway and on the northern sidewalk. Please bear with us while we work to make 11th St better for everyone walking, biking, and driving there!

Improvements coming soon to 11th Street include:

  • Wider, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks
  • A bike lane connecting to protected bike lanes on Figueroa
  • New curbs and better drainage
  • Improved traffic signals
  • Refurbished street lighting

MyFig Construction Starting Soon on Figueroa

Construction will begin on Figueroa itself very soon. LADOT and the contractors are still finalizing traffic control plans, to ensure traffic can continue to flow as smoothly as possible during the construction of the new bus platforms.

The first phase will start this month in front of USC, between Exposition and 23rd Street – the removal of two median islands, followed by the installation of bus platform islands on Figueroa

Please continue to share these details with others in the area and let them know that MyFigueroa will bring a better, safer, and more beautiful Figueroa Street to the neighborhood soon.

You can also download and share our construction notice here!

MyFigueroa Construction on 11th Street

by LADOT  |  
January 30, 2017

Happy New Year from the MyFigueroa team! We've been hard at work so far in 2017, and construction will be starting on the north side of 11th Street in early February.

This work will include sidewalk widening, new curbs and gutters, improved traffic signals, and the continued installation and refurbishment of street lighting and tree removals. 11th Street will be reduced to a single west-bound lane during this time.

We also expect to begin construction on Figueroa itself by early March, as we are currently reviewing and finalizing the complex traffic control plans that will allow traffic flow to continue as we build the main portion of MyFig.

Stay tuned for more details about the construction schedule coming later in February. For questions or concerns during construction, contact us!

MyFigueroa Construction Getting Underway

by MyFig  |  
December 08, 2016

11th Hope Final Draf

As 2016 wraps up, MyFigueroa construction has been getting underway. Over at LADOT, we are working with other local agencies and developers along Figueroa to coordinate our construction schedule for the new year. We will keep you updated as those details progress.

In the next couple weeks, installation of temporary street lighting will begin on 11th Street, and tree removal along both 11th Street and Figueroa will take place. The tree removal will make way for wider and more accessible sidewalks and for the street reconfiguration on Figueroa itself. Each tree removed is replaced with two new trees, resulting in net increase in trees for our city and future shade for MyFig.

Stay tuned for updates as MyFigueroa construction moves along, and we look forward to seeing this project finally come to fruition next year.

MyFig Groundbreaking and Press Release on October 24, 2016

by LADOT  |  
October 25, 2016

Left to right: CD 9 and CD 14 Councilmembers Curren Price, Jr., and Jose Huizar, along with Tamika Butler, LA County Bicycle Coalition Executive Director, Deborah Murphy, Deborah Murphy Urban Design + Planning, Dan Mitchell, LADOT Assistant General Manager and Vince Bertoni, Director of City Planning commemorate the MyFig start of construction with a groundbreaking at 11th St. and Fig St.

More information about the project can be found at MyFig Press Release 10-24-16.

MyFigueroa is starting construction in October!

by LADOT  |  
September 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce that LADOT has signed a contract with All American Asphalt as the builder for the MyFigueroa streetscape project, and construction on MyFigueroa is right around the corner – breaking ground in October, 2016!

We will provide more specific updates on the construction schedule in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are some construction details to help you better understand what to expect:

Traffic lane closures and sidewalk closures, when needed, will be limited to the hours between 9:00am and 3:00pm Monday through Friday. There may be limited construction on Saturdays later in the construction process, but LADOT considers it unlikely at this time. No work is expected to be scheduled for Sundays.

There may be limited night construction (7:00pm to 6:00am) in the future. This would expedite completion of the project, though it is not expected at this time. In the case that night construction is deemed necessary, there will be an opportunity for community input prior to scheduling.

Some areas of this project will likely be affected by the City's Holiday Season Street Closure Restrictions (Thanksgiving to New Year's Day). Each year, the City of Los Angeles prohibits street closures and construction in specific areas to avoid disruption to the holiday shopping season. This year, the moratorium dates are from November 21st, 2016 until midnight on January 1, 2017. Construction along Figueroa St. north of Olympic Blvd. will likely be suspended during this period.

See the Resources section of our website for a media kit of digital flyers and other materials with more information. Help us spread the word that MyFig is coming soon!

It's Bike Month! Get ready to bike on MyFigueroa, coming soon

by Colleen  |  
May 17, 2016

Bike Month is here, and it's time to think about what it will be like to bike on MyFigueroa, Downtown LA's first protected bike lane.

That's right! Construction on the long awaited MyFig project will be starting soon in 2016, bringing safety improvements for bicycle and transit users and a better Figueroa for us all. (more info here)

Stay tuned for updates on MyFig construction, and in the meantime, Let's Fig Out different ways to get around Figueroa outside of our cars.

FIg Out a Bike Route: This Thursday May 19 is Bike to Work Day. If you're biking near Fig, stop at LACBC's South LA Pit Stop at MLK Blvd and Vermont (the southeastern edge of the MyFigueroa project).

Fig Out Expo: This Friday, May 20 is Metro's Expo Line Phase 2 grand opening. For the first time in 60 years, Angelenos will be able to ride a train from Downtown LA to the beach in Santa Monica! Hop on the Metro Expo Line Downtown or near USC, where it runs just one block east of the MyFigueroa project. See how MyFigueroa will connect with Metro to give Angelenos more options for getting around.

MyFigueroa is coming March 2017

by Annonymous  |  
January 13, 2016

Happy New Year! We're so excited that Downtown LA's first protected bike lane will be coming to Figueroa soon. Construction is kicking off this spring. Be sure to check back here for updates as that gets started.

11th Fig 1111 (1)

Bike On Fig – Bike Safe USC ride to CicLAvia

by Colleen Corcoran  |  
January 13, 2016

Biking on Fig from USC to CicLAvia, we explored downtown on bike and learned about the MyFigueroa project coming soon!